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Top level security

Top level security is a must. In order to process credit card payments all card details must be carefully guarded. All parties involved in the card payment process who want to either save, process or forward card details must comply with the PCI DSS requirements. EveryPay payment platform is PCI DSS level 1 certified meaning our technical solution and processes meet the highest industry requirements. We offer you top level security. Our internal standards are even higher, we pay a lot of attention on preventing security issues. By using EveryPay solution, the sensitive card data never touches your system, we take care of the security. You don’t have to worry about the complicated procedure of getting PCI DSS certified. This saves you a lot of time and money by making compliance easier.

PCIDSS level 1 top level security

Fraud prevention module

As we know, online shopping has it´s fraud risks. We have developed a solution to reduce the probability of fraudulent transactions occurring on your website. EveryPay fraud control tool comes with a set of default settings and our risk team will advise you on how to customize the settings to better suit your business module. Our tool allows you to assign a value to different characteristics that fraudulent transactions are likely to have and helps you to minimize possible online payments risks.

Additionally You can also set a capture delay on your payments. It means that the funds for the payment will be settled with a little delay, but at the same time, this gives you more time to execute a more thorough fraud check. If you suspect fraud, you can immediately cancel the authorisation and stop the payment. Cancelling the authorisation eliminates the chance of a chargeback from the card owner. This also saves you money on chargeback related costs.

Effective 3D Secure Payments

EveryPay supports 3D Secure payments. Enabling 3DS helps to reduce the risk of chargebacks by shifting the liability of fraudulent transactions from the merchant (you) to the issuing bank. This doesn’t offer you a 100% guarantee on fraudulent activities but it can considerably minimize the risks. In case of a 3D Secure payment, once the owner of the card has inserted card details, he will be re-directed to his bank where he has to authenticate himself.

3dsecure mastercard scurecode verified by visa top level security

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