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Token Payments

Growth in digital commerce, together with the emergence of new business models, has increased the demand for faster purchases. Customers expect simplicity, convenience, and the payment process to be intuitive while feeling secure.

The best practice to achieve this is to use tokenisation. In essence, a token payment is a “credential on file” transaction, in which a cardholder has explicitly authorized a merchant to store the customer’s account information (card number and expiration date). The information is then replaced with a “token value”. Token payments allow you to build a framework for different use-case scenarios.

From a technical perspective, once the client has given the approval to save their card details, it is our system that actually saves and securely holds the card details and in return, generates a token that will be used to refer back to the given card.  Using the token is secure as the token cannot be reversed back to the card number and it is only valid for the merchant to whom it was originally created for.EveryPay

In-app payments

Global payment trends are moving from one-click solutions to no-click solutions. Digital Payments are expected to be instant, seamless, in-app and invisible – for both, the service provider and the end-user. Companies like Uber and Taxify are the best examples of these use-cases.

EveryPay supports several innovative in-app solutions to enhance standard in-store transactions.  By using tokenisation, EveryPay allows storing card credentials in different apps and digital wallet solutions. As an example, we have helped to solve the payment processing for a wallet solution by Telia (mTasku), one of the largest telecommunication companies in Northern Europe.

Automated payments

The digital economy requires payment solutions to ensure simplicity and convenience. Wouldn’t it be easy if all your bills could be paid automatically? Companies like Netflix and Spotify have already automated such processes.

EveryPay’s card payment solution can also be used as a convenient billing platform.  Doesn’t matter where your clients reside, using card payments as a billing method is universal and also a convenient solution to manage your finances.

As an example, this solution works for the following scenarios:

  • If you wish to automate your billing processes.
  • If you sell your products/services cross-border.
  • If your invoicing is done periodically (e.g. once a month, once a week).
  • If you wish to improve and have more control over your billing processes.

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