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Online Card Payments

Card payments are the most universal and simple payment solution in the world. For consumers, it’s the easiest way to pay you, whether it’s a standard one-off payment, recurring bill or an invisible one, that’s integrated into a service, like paying for Netflix or Uber! It’s the card payment infrastructure, that allows providing that kind of payment solutions.


EveryPay online card payments

In EveryPay, we see our payment gateway not just as an out-of-the-box solution for e-commerce businesses, but as an infrastructure for smart payment solutions for every sector. EveryPay uses the best card payment functionalities by supporting convenient link payments, token and recurring payments and subscription solutions to automate billing processes for all kinds of businesses.

Every business is unique, with their specific characteristics. We believe that any data can help with transparency and allows to make smarter business decisions, which is why we have made as much information available about payment data as possible. Examples include customer location, issuer decline reasons, chargeback data, etc.  All this gives you the flexibility to customise different business scenarios. We see the one-size-fits-all policy as a disadvantage rather than the basis of good partnership or collaboration.

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