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What is one-click payment?

One-click payment is easy, fast and secure – exactly what today’s customers expect!

This feature allows you to create a convenient payment method for your regular customers, making it possible for them to pay for goods with just “one click”.

How does it work?

Once your client is finishing their purchase at your e-shop, you can offer an option to save their card details for the future use. During an initial payment, the customer enters all required card details and in some cases can be asked to perform 3DS authentication. Next time your customer wants to buy something from your shop, their card details will already be pre-filled. For the customer, the buying process will become quicker and much more convenient as having to re-enter the long card details every single time can be bothersome.

One click payment

From a technical perspective, once the client has given the approval to save their card details, it is our system that actually saves and securely holds the card details and in return, generates a token that will be used to refer back to the given card.

Using the token is secure as the token cannot be reversed back to the card number and it is only valid for the merchant to whom it was originally created for.

However, even if the card details are saved, it is still possible to make 3DS authentication mandatory for all payments.

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