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Next day settlement

EveryPay internet card payment service, in collaboration with LHV bank, gives you by far the fastest exchange of money between the buyer and you – the funds from card transactions will be in your account the next day and all that 365 days a year. Next day settlement is a great advantage as you have more control over your funds. next day settlement EveryPay offers automated payment processing functionality. All successful payments will be captured and sent to batch processing at midnight Eastern European Time (EET). The bank will then settle the funds to your account the next day. If you want to start using EveryPay or to get a specific price quote accommodated to your business drop us a line here. The process of accepting card payments can easily be done through EveryPay- we communicate with the bank and arrange all the necessary paperwork, all You need to do is sign the contract in the bank. In case you don’t have an account in LHV bank yet, one will be opened during the setup process.

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