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Payment Solution Integration

General overview

EveryPay is a simple card payment collection service provider for e-commerce merchants. EveryPay service reduces payment processing risks and PCI DSS certification costs for merchants by handling card data and payment processing on behalf of them. For various e-commerce platforms (see full list below) we provide easy-to-use installation packages.

Installation packages for e-commerce server platforms

Custom solution Link Payment API document and code libraries (for different coding platforms) will facilitate the integration with custom e-shop solutions.
Magento Link
WooCommerce (WordPress) Link
PrestaShop Link
OpenCart v2.x Choose the proper module according to your shop’s OpenCart version – 2.x or 1.5.x.


Redirect payment page The easiest way to integrate with EveryPay is to use our redirect payment page with your logo displayed on the payment page. This ready-made solution requires no additional development. All
Integrated payment form If you prefer that customers never leave your site, the payment form can be fully integrated to your checkout page via iFrame and customised to match your visual design. Custom solution
(others coming soon)
One-click-payments We offer payment card tokenization which enables storing card data reference on your side. Card data is secured with EveryPay, and your loyal customers can make payments with one click. Custom solution
(others coming soon)
Recurring payments and subscriptions Recurring payments give both you and your customer the flexibility to customise the intervals of payments. These automated payments make transactions easier. Custom solution
(others coming soon)

The list of features available on each e-commerce server platform varies slightly.
You’ll find the required details for integration for all features covered within the documentation of your platform.

Supported client platforms

Desktop web browsers EveryPay payment page has been tested to work on all major desktop web browsers.
Mobile web browsers EveryPay payment page has fully responsive design and, therefore, works on all major mobile web browsers.
Android native app Link EveryPay Android SDK can be easily integrated with your Android app to accept card payments.
iOS native app Link EveryPay iOS SDK can be easily integrated with your iOS app to accept card payments.

Integration APIs

EveryPay solution has two different APIs.

API (doc.) TYPE
Payment API https POST Enables simple card payment initiation from merchant’s website via redirect or embedded payment form.
Backend API REST JSON Full-featured API that includes all the features of the simpler payment API and adds several methods for pulling data from EveryPay backend and automating backend tasks. Backend API access and documentation is available upon request.

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