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Different payment solutions for your business

We have created several payment solutions to help you grow your business including the smoothest set-up for your e-commerce site. We support different e-shop platforms, payment processing solutions etc. You can also integrate EveryPay to your own backend which provides you the opportunity to administrate the whole payment lifecycle from your end.

Different platforms
We have created modules for different platforms to make the set-up as easy as possible.
Supported e-shop platforms:

In addition, we have created SDK´s for iOS and Android mobile platforms.  We also have documentation for custom solutions.

Different payment forms
The easiest way to integrate with EveryPay is to use the redirect page with your logo displayed on the payment page. You get a ready-made solution and no development is needed on your side. Showing your logo on the payment page makes the redirect page more trustworthy for the customers.

payment solutions  
If you prefer to use your website then the payment page can be fully integrated to your e-shop and customers will not be redirected when making payments. iFrame payment form can be set-up and designed according to your website so it looks natural on the page. payment solutions - integrated payment page Different billing solutions

Integration with your backend
For your convenience, the payment management can be integrated into your backend. It gives you the flexibility to optimize your business processes and access to all information about your online sales and transactions. This solution enables you to make refunds and cancel payments from your backend and you don’t need to log in to EveryPay’s Merchant Portal for performing payment-related actions.

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