The Best Payment Gateway
Partner for Banks

We make banks more agile and empowered in the world of fast changing digital payments.

Fully cloud-based

Continuously improving payment gateway platform.

White label solution

Can be integrated as a fully-branded solution.

Easy integration

EveryPay will do most of the integration for your Bank.

Fraud defender

Rule and data-based fraud detection and blocking.

EveryPay offers a payment
gateway platform as a service

Our best-in-class payment solution gives banks an access to a state-of-the-art and continuously improving payment gateway platform with all the relevant tools to manage the acquiring side of eCommerce; as well as a variety of necessary features for banks’ customers that allow them to benefit from adopting digital payment solutions.

“We are delighted to be partners with them. With EveryPay, SEB can now offer recurring, automatic and invisible payments. These developments have helped our business clients expand their global customer base.” – Artjom Sokolov, Head of Corporate Banking, SEB

“With EveryPay, we have been able to build and provide solutions which improve payment functionality, flexibility and user-friendliness, which altogether have given us a competitive edge. EveryPay’s team is a truly reliable partner, who’s really easy to work with!” – Andres Kitter, Head of Financial Institutions, LHV

Empowering banks

  • With EveryPay banks can be more agile and offer the same features as 3rd party PSPs.
  • Time and cost savings on product development in ever-changing market trends.
  • Helping your Bank to secure more merchants and increase acquiring revenues.
  • Providing banks with tools to manage and mitigate acquiring risks.
  • Merchant support before, during and after integration - your Bank will save on overhead costs.

The only payment provider you need

With EveryPay your bank can offer innovative digital payment solutions as part of your acquiring offering. Clients do not have to seek solutions from third-party payment providers, and this would also lead to increased acquiring revenues.

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Benefits for acquirers

  • Continuously improving, cloud-based payment gateway platform
  • No need for in-house IT resources
  • Direct integration with a bank’s processor
  • Acquirer portal for service management and reporting
  • Tools to manage and mitigate acquiring risks
  • Ongoing merchant support during and after integration
  • Flexible & agile partner

Benefits for merchants

PCI DDS level 1

Top level security is a must. To process credit card payments all card details must be carefully guarded. All parties involved in the card payment process who want to either save, process or forward card details must follow the PCI DSS requirements. EveryPay payment platform is PCI DSS level 1 certified meaning our technical solution and processes meet the highest industry requirements.

Why EveryPay

  • We are the Bank’s partner for online card payment solutions.
  • We provide the Bank with a continuously improving, cloud-based, payment gateway platform as a service..
  • Direct integration with the Bank’s processor.
  • We are online payments specialists with professional expertise in card payment processing rules, operations, and technical possibilities.
  • We support merchants during and after integration.
  • We are able to solve the majority of the requests leaving this resource available in the bank.
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